24 noviembre 2017

Coming Back!

After a long period "out of the circuit" I´m back (at least, I expect to be back) to the painting desk and the gaming experience. I would like to re-take this blog as it was my original idea: a repository of my gaming experiences, my projects and ideas, and a humble source of information for those interested.

13 abril 2017

Spectre: Operations

Some weeks ago I played in the Club Comandante my first game with this excellent ruleset, "Spectre: Operations" from Spectre Miniatures. As the picture can say, the game was based in the US intervention in Somalia.

Years ago, I played the playtest version if this ruleset, and I disliked it a lot because it was too basic, but now, this is a very good rulebook abut modern combat, kinetic and asymmetric, with all the necessary rules: varied quality of the forces, special equipment, alarm or not of the enemy, off table assets...
You have all of this in the same book, and the system works very well!

14 febrero 2017

First Round in Osmanville

This Saturday, I played with my great friend José Antonio the scenario five of the "29 Let´s Go!" campaign for "Chain of Command", after a long time of rest with this ruleset. I must admit that my last two games of this campaigns were a very bad gaming experience, both very similar in playing and result, so I became a bit tired of "Chain of Command" and I think my friend also felt something similar. This time, as a training for our next campaing, "Malaya 1942", we decided to play the last scenario of the campaign, "Home run at Osmanville", with my depleted and undermoralized German platoon defending the HQ against a very jubilant US force.
But this time I decided to have another and more positive attitude and play the period and not the rules...

Este sábado hemos jugado en el Club Comandante el escenario cinco de la campaña "29 Let´s Go!" para "Chain of Command", después de un buen periodo de descanso con estas reglas. Debo admitir que mis últimos dos juegos de la campaña fueron una experiencia bastante desmotivadora, ambos muy similares en juego y resultado, por lo que terminé un poco cansado del "Chain of Command", y creo que José Antonio, mi oponente, sintió algo similar. Esta vez, como entrenamiento para nuestra siguiente campaña, "Malaya 1942", hemos decidido jugar el último escenario, "Home run at Osmanville", con mi reducido y desmoralizado pelotón alemán defendiendo el HQ de una fuerza norteamericana jubilante.
Pero, esta vez, he decidido tener una actitud diferente y más positiva, y jugar el periodo y no las reglas...

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