Spectre: Operations

Some weeks ago I played in the Club Comandante my first game with this excellent ruleset, "Spectre: Operations" from Spectre Miniatures. As the picture can say, the game was based in the US intervention in Somalia.

Years ago, I played the playtest version if this ruleset, and I disliked it a lot because it was too basic, but now, this is a very good rulebook abut modern combat, kinetic and asymmetric, with all the necessary rules: varied quality of the forces, special equipment, alarm or not of the enemy, off table assets...
You have all of this in the same book, and the system works very well!

Well, the game Manolo prepared for us was about a patrol of US Rangers going to investigate a curious gathering of natives in a corner of old town. Of course, these natives were there to echange weapons for money or drugs...

The game table. The meeting is taking place in the moddle of the compound, where the two native leaders are making business. US Rangers can enter the table via a…

First Round in Osmanville

This Saturday, I played with my great friend José Antonio the scenario five of the "29 Let´s Go!" campaign for "Chain of Command", after a long time of rest with this ruleset. I must admit that my last two games of this campaigns were a very bad gaming experience, both very similar in playing and result, so I became a bit tired of "Chain of Command" and I think my friend also felt something similar. This time, as a training for our next campaing, "Malaya 1942", we decided to play the last scenario of the campaign, "Home run at Osmanville", with my depleted and undermoralized German platoon defending the HQ against a very jubilant US force. But this time I decided to have another and more positive attitude and play the period and not the rules...

Este sábado hemos jugado en el Club Comandante el escenario cinco de la campaña "29 Let´s Go!" para "Chain of Command", después de un buen periodo de descanso con estas reglas…

From ASL to Combat Commander

I remember with great pleasure the first time I played "The Guard´s Counterattack", the legendary first scenario from "Squad Leader", many years ago. For me, this was a wonderful experience, then a great fan of the tableton wargames from Avalon Hill or Victory Games.

I enjoyed a lot this very different game system, so immersive, so detailed, with its bunch of characters and high stacks of chips, and I was able to play most of the scenarios SL had, and many from the advance edition, ASL, before my discovery of the wargame with small lead figures. SL and ASL are two of my most cherised treasures.
Now that I am in a moment of my life with very few opportunities to play wargames with my mates (for laboral reason mainly), I have been remmembering those long and intense evening playing with my band of heroes over Europe or the Soviet Union, missing those moments. Fortunately, I have discovery what I think is the heird of SL:

"Combat Commander", from GMT Games. A p…

Ratten... Rattenkrieg! (EDITED)

Alf, the great man from Barrage Miniatures, has released a new ruleset about the Skirmish combat in WWII: "Rattenkrieg!". This one, at the very, very skirmish level. After a first and fast reading of the information I discovered in the net, I bought the ruleset in PDF format (the only available at the moment) and in English language because it sounded as near perfect for my interest in WWII: a detailed Platoon or lesser level of combat, realistic and immersive. As Curt, from Analogue Hobbies blog has said, this is ASL in 3D.
Alf, la gran persona que dirige Barrage Miniatures, ha publicado un nuevo reglamento ambientado en el combate de escaramuza en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, a un verdadero nivel de escaramuza. Después de una primera y rápida lectura de toda la información que encontré en la web acerca de este reglamento, lo compré en formato PDF (el único disponible por ahora) y en inglés (no lo hay en castellano) porque sonaba como casi perfecto para mi interés en la Segund…

Rogue Stars & The Challenge

I have received, at last, my copy of "Rogue Stars", the new Science Fiction rulebook from Osprey Publishing. This is a very good ruleset, in my opinion, a very detailed low level skirmish game with four or five miniatures per side with a great level of characterization.

With the ruleset I ordered some of the new figures from North Star, sculpted by the great Mark Copplestone humself, and a pair of them have been my first entry in the 7th Analogue Hobiies Painting Challenge:
A Doranian ex-Space Patrol Officer.

And a Vandirian Assasin.

They are going to be part of an Inquisitorial Retinue, the muscle and black ops assets of it.
These figures are very nice, pure Copplestone in their apparent simplicity full of character. Besides them, I have painted another figure, a CronoGladiator, for other band I have in mind. This is a "Necromunda" figure from Games Workshop, a very nice one.

I have a main story in mind, based in the figures I have painted from Colony 87 and GW: the &qu…