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Rogue Stars & The Challenge

I have received, at last, my copy of "Rogue Stars", the new Science Fiction rulebook from Osprey Publishing. This is a very good ruleset, in my opinion, a very detailed low level skirmish game with four or five miniatures per side with a great level of characterization.

With the ruleset I ordered some of the new figures from North Star, sculpted by the great Mark Copplestone humself, and a pair of them have been my first entry in the 7th Analogue Hobiies Painting Challenge:
A Doranian ex-Space Patrol Officer.

And a Vandirian Assasin.

They are going to be part of an Inquisitorial Retinue, the muscle and black ops assets of it.
These figures are very nice, pure Copplestone in their apparent simplicity full of character. Besides them, I have painted another figure, a CronoGladiator, for other band I have in mind. This is a "Necromunda" figure from Games Workshop, a very nice one.

I have a main story in mind, based in the figures I have painted from Colony 87 and GW: the &qu…

Waiting for "Rogue Stars" II

I have enjoyed a long period of rest recently and I have been able to paint some new miniatures and collect some others from my dark crypt  in advance of the release of "Rogue Stars". Here are those figures:
The Wandering Trader, from Colony 87. A tireless merchant of Avalon, a troublesome planet of the Human Sphere.

Governor Sharpe, from Colony 87. The Boss in Avalon.

The First Lady, from Colony 87. Sharpe´s spouse... and something more.

The First Secretary of the Governor, from Colony 87.

Captain Zamora, CO of the Governor´s Security Force, from Games Workshop. This is a very old model I painted a lot of years ago...

The Unshaved Tech, from Colony 87.

The Scum, another very old figure from Games Workshop. He is part of the Old City fauna.

Bad Bot, from Games Workshop. A forgotten relic from an extinct alien civilization and a danger for everything on the table.

My idea now is to paint two bands/groups or crews of around five figures each being the first one a Security Force detail …

7th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

Here is, again, the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge in its seventh edition, the great Event for the Hobby community thanks to Curt Campbell from Analogue Hobbies, and I´m ging to participate. This time, I expect to reach my goal!
This time, the main topic of the Challenge is Camaraderie and Teamwork, and you can found all the information and rules here: The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.
My plan is simple, as my goal: to paint 500 points of figures in 28mm scale, of course. Taking in account there are five points for every 28mm figure, I need some of them.
But I think this is possible and the main goal is the experience, the meeting with so many great painters and people all around the globe.
Good luck all of you!

Waiting for "Rogue Stars"

"Rogue Stars" is the forthcoming Science Fiction, skirmish level ruleset, writed by Andrea Sfiligoi, from Osprey Publishing and, after reading a short review in Wargames Illustrated, I am awaiting this rulebook with great expectation because this appears to be a very small and very detailed skirmish system.
This is what Osprey Publishing has written about the book:
"Rogue Stars is a character-based science fiction skirmish wargame, where players command crews of bounty hunters, space pirates, merchants, prospectors, smugglers, mercenary outfits, planetary police and other such shady factions from the fringes of galactic civilisation. Crews can vary in size, typically from four to six, and the character and crew creation systems allow for practically any concept to be built. Detailed environmental rules that include options for flora, fauna, gravity, dangerous terrain and atmosphere, and scenario design rules that ensure that missions are varied and demand adaptation and c…

French and Indian War

Despite the really heavy heat wave we are suffering these days, I have been able to finish the painting of a new miniature for the French and Indian War:

This is one of the "Soldier Free" from Galloping Major Miniatures, one of a number of figures you can obtain for free buying four or more packs of their excellent F & I War range of 28mm models.
Of course, I have painted him as a Provincial or Militia officer, and I´m preparing his profile for "Sharp Practice 2". In this moment, he is a Gentleman with extravagant wealth, an Honourable Flashing Blade.
He is going to be part of an small British force I´m assembly.

Some Roger´s Rangers from Galloping Major Miniatures too that I painted some time ago. All of these are very nice figures, with a lot of character and detail, and a true pleasure to paint.

Sharp Practice 2: Tercer Escenario

"Sharp Practice 2" está resultando ser un reglamento muy popular en el Club Comandante, y este sábado hemos jugado un nuevo escenario ambientado en las Campañas Napoleónicas. Esta vez, echamos a suerte el escenario a jugar, y tocó el número 5, "Ataque a un Objetivo".

La mesa de juego, ya preparada. El bando defensor, rojo, iba a ser Británico y el bando atacante, azul, Francés. En la tirada aleatoria para determinar cual era el Punto de Despliegue Principal británico, y el objetivo a defender, salió el del lado izquierdo de la mesa, indicado por la casa. Nuestro Punto de Despliegue Secundario quedó situado en la colina. Los franceses, por su parte, obtuvieron como Punto de Despliegue Principal el del centro de la mesa, indicado por una gran cruz, y como Punto Secundario se pusieron frente al nuestro principal, algo que resultó ser un gran error...
Así pues, más de la mitad de la mesa quedó fuera del juego. Iba a ser una batalla muy reñida desde el principio.

Error: Ni…