25 junio 2016

Working Hard EDITED

In this moment, we are enjoying in Spain a horrible heat wave with 38º C temperatures, so my painting work is really slow... in a moment in which I have a lot of painting commissions and personal work on my table.

Never mind, step by step, I´m painting some models and awaiting the moment to play a game (I need to play a game!).

First ones, some WWII German Army engineers, a painting commission with models from Bolt Action Miniatures (really good), Warlord Games and a Stoessi´s Heroes one (and not a Heer46 one).

This is a really nice 28mm miniature, very fine and with a great level of detail, and I´m enjoying its painting. My only negative comment is that it has not pouches for the SMG, but this is a minor problem.
There is more information about this model, and more heroes, here:

A Galloping Major Wargames Provincial officer I´m painting for myself. These models are very nice, with a lot of character, and I have some Rangers awaiting their turn. Of course, my idea is to use them with "Sharp Practice 2".

A Foundry Miniatures Darkest Africa Witchdoctor who is going to be a Deployment Point for my Tribal Kingdom´s "Sharp Practice 2" army.

And a 4Ground house I expect to use in my Darkest Africa games. It need a lot of work yet, to look well.

Much to do, I think!

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  1. I am very excited to see that you have one of my miniatures on your workbench! :)
    The guy with the MP40 and the Zeltbahn is from Stoessi's Heroes: http://stoessi.blogspot.de/2016/02/drum-roll-stoessis-heroes-release-1.html.
    Looking forward to seeing your paintjob on this one!

    1. Hi, Thomas.
      Corrected the information in the entry. Your figure is very nice, a pleasure to paint, and I have another one awaiting the brush!

  2. Heatwave? 38? Not something we ever really have to put up with in the UK!

    Figs are coming along nicely. I have that same witchdoctor...lovely sculpt. I'm always in two minds about 4Ground houses...mainly because they never really look right as they come out of the packet but I'm sure you will work your magic and it will end up looking superb!

    1. Hi, Gordon.
      Today, I have been able to paint almost an hour... The 4Ground house need a lot of drybrishing and a base before I can be happy with it.


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