01 julio 2016

The Fabulous Art of Trudvang

I have received this week my copy of "The Fabulous Art of Trudvang" from Riotminds, a 16 year old Fantasy game publisher from Sweden. This is the first time Trudvang Chronicles have been released in English as a Kickstarter exclusive and for backers only, so this has been the only chance to adquire the book.

Truvang has been a cult classic since the first book was released 15 years ago because this is based on the traditional Scandinavian and Celtic sagas and myths as worked by exceptional artists like Paul Bonner, Justin Sweet or Alvaro Tapia, by example, so this is a very good source of inspiration for any Fantasy gamer or Fantasy lover in a hard cover, glossy paper and high-value art book.

For me, this book is a wonderful adquisition and a great source of inspiration for the painting of Fantasy figures and the gaming too!

4 comentarios:

  1. Uff, Paul Bonner es uno de mis ilustradores de fantasía favoritos. El libro la verdad es que tiene una pintaza tremenda. Afortunado !

    1. Hola!!! Es un gran libro, impresionante y muy útil para las muchas figuras de Fantasía que quiero pintar.

  2. That does look great! Probably a good thing that I've missed the boat as I have spent far too much on gaming the first half of this year!


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