14 julio 2016

Painting Commission

I have finished the painting, at last of a 28mm commission, a group of WWII German Infantry figures:

These are figures from Stoessi Hero´s, the old Bolt Action Miniatures range and Warlord Games; all of them very good models.

I have enjoyed a lot their painting, specially, the winter theme, because this has been the first time I have painted this "season" with WWII models.

I expect my client like them!

And now, to wait underground for the end of this long heat wave...

6 comentarios:

  1. Wonderful paint job and perfect for a winter setting.
    The old bolt action figures look great, do you know if they are still available anywhere?

    1. Hi, my friend. Thank you a lot.
      I have only been able to find them in Ebay...


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