03 agosto 2016

French and Indian War

Despite the really heavy heat wave we are suffering these days, I have been able to finish the painting of a new miniature for the French and Indian War:

This is one of the "Soldier Free" from Galloping Major Miniatures, one of a number of figures you can obtain for free buying four or more packs of their excellent F & I War range of 28mm models.

Of course, I have painted him as a Provincial or Militia officer, and I´m preparing his profile for "Sharp Practice 2". In this moment, he is a Gentleman with extravagant wealth, an Honourable Flashing Blade.

He is going to be part of an small British force I´m assembly.

Some Roger´s Rangers from Galloping Major Miniatures too that I painted some time ago. All of these are very nice figures, with a lot of character and detail, and a true pleasure to paint.

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