25 septiembre 2016

Waiting for "Rogue Stars"

"Rogue Stars" is the forthcoming Science Fiction, skirmish level ruleset, writed by Andrea Sfiligoi, from Osprey Publishing and, after reading a short review in Wargames Illustrated, I am awaiting this rulebook with great expectation because this appears to be a very small and very detailed skirmish system.

This is what Osprey Publishing has written about the book:

"Rogue Stars is a character-based science fiction skirmish wargame, where players command crews of bounty hunters, space pirates, merchants, prospectors, smugglers, mercenary outfits, planetary police and other such shady factions from the fringes of galactic civilisation. Crews can vary in size, typically from four to six, and the character and crew creation systems allow for practically any concept to be built. Detailed environmental rules that include options for flora, fauna, gravity, dangerous terrain and atmosphere, and scenario design rules that ensure that missions are varied and demand adaptation and cunning on the parts of the combatants, make practically any encounter possible. Run contraband tech to rebel fighters on an ocean world while hunted by an alien kill-team or hunt down a research vessel and fight zero-gravity boarding actions in the cold depths of space - whatever you can imagine, you can do."

Really interesting. I like the idea of to have only a bunch of figures (four or five) with a very detailed profile and a lot of habilities to choose; in this way, you can create vey interesting characters and settings, and this can be a reborn of my old "Inquisitor" project...

About the figures for the game, North Star Miniatures is going to prepare a full range of them but any other SF model can be used without a problem.
The "official" models are very nice:

Mark Copplestone himself is going to be one of this line´s sculptors, so the figures are going to have a lot of character. 

Of course, his old "Future Warriors" line is totally usable with this ruleset, and I have some of those models!

So, waiting for "Rogue Stars", I´m painting some figures, and here is the first one:

She is going to be a Peacemaker posted in a frontier word and looking for an objective...

Now, to paint some more figures, to build or paint some terrain elements, to look for vehicles and to order a new Pwork Wargames mat:

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  1. Yeah...I'm pretty excited by these rules, too! But I'm never get enough figures done for The Men Who WOuld Be King with all these distractions!!

  2. Hmm, they sound interesting. It would be fun to run a 40K Inquisitorial campaign using something like this.

    1. Great idea. I think this ruleset can be very useful for very small skirmishes...


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