25 diciembre 2016

Rogue Stars & The Challenge

I have received, at last, my copy of "Rogue Stars", the new Science Fiction rulebook from Osprey Publishing. This is a very good ruleset, in my opinion, a very detailed low level skirmish game with four or five miniatures per side with a great level of characterization.

With the ruleset I ordered some of the new figures from North Star, sculpted by the great Mark Copplestone humself, and a pair of them have been my first entry in the 7th Analogue Hobiies Painting Challenge:

A Doranian ex-Space Patrol Officer.

And a Vandirian Assasin.

They are going to be part of an Inquisitorial Retinue, the muscle and black ops assets of it.

These figures are very nice, pure Copplestone in their apparent simplicity full of character. Besides them, I have painted another figure, a CronoGladiator, for other band I have in mind. This is a "Necromunda" figure from Games Workshop, a very nice one.

I have a main story in mind, based in the figures I have painted from Colony 87 and GW: the "adventures" of Imperial Governor Sharpe in Avalon. I expect to play my first game in a few weeks.

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  1. Wow! You painted those RS figs up quickly! And superb they look, too!

    1. Thanks, Gordon. These figures are really easy to paint. You need more time making their profiles...


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