09 diciembre 2016

Waiting for "Rogue Stars" II

I have enjoyed a long period of rest recently and I have been able to paint some new miniatures and collect some others from my dark crypt  in advance of the release of "Rogue Stars". Here are those figures:

The Wandering Trader, from Colony 87. A tireless merchant of Avalon, a troublesome planet of the Human Sphere.

Governor Sharpe, from Colony 87. The Boss in Avalon.

The First Lady, from Colony 87. Sharpe´s spouse... and something more.

The First Secretary of the Governor, from Colony 87.

Captain Zamora, CO of the Governor´s Security Force, from Games Workshop. This is a very old model I painted a lot of years ago...

The Unshaved Tech, from Colony 87.

The Scum, another very old figure from Games Workshop. He is part of the Old City fauna.

Bad Bot, from Games Workshop. A forgotten relic from an extinct alien civilization and a danger for everything on the table.

My idea now is to paint two bands/groups or crews of around five figures each being the first one a Security Force detail and the second one, a rebel band, with a number of NPC´s with special rules.
Of course, I need to paint also an Inquisitor Retinue for my Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Side Duel with Curt, so I´m going to be very busy with the Science Fiction topic.

2 comentarios:

  1. Love these! Especially the Colony 87 figs...shall add them to the wishlist!

  2. Thanks a lot, Gordon. These are very nice figures.


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