22 enero 2017

From ASL to Combat Commander

I remember with great pleasure the first time I played "The Guard´s Counterattack", the legendary first scenario from "Squad Leader", many years ago. For me, this was a wonderful experience, then a great fan of the tableton wargames from Avalon Hill or Victory Games.

I enjoyed a lot this very different game system, so immersive, so detailed, with its bunch of characters and high stacks of chips, and I was able to play most of the scenarios SL had, and many from the advance edition, ASL, before my discovery of the wargame with small lead figures. SL and ASL are two of my most cherised treasures.

Now that I am in a moment of my life with very few opportunities to play wargames with my mates (for laboral reason mainly), I have been remmembering those long and intense evening playing with my band of heroes over Europe or the Soviet Union, missing those moments. Fortunately, I have discovery what I think is the heird of SL:

"Combat Commander", from GMT Games. A perfect project to play small WWII skirmishes in a reduced and quiet place as is my cave. I am reading the rules now, and "Squad Leader" is here, with the heroes, small units, separate weapons, the white dot in the middle of the hex...

Of course, "Rattenkrieg!" has had something to do with this...

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