13 abril 2017

Spectre: Operations

Some weeks ago I played in the Club Comandante my first game with this excellent ruleset, "Spectre: Operations" from Spectre Miniatures. As the picture can say, the game was based in the US intervention in Somalia.

Years ago, I played the playtest version if this ruleset, and I disliked it a lot because it was too basic, but now, this is a very good rulebook abut modern combat, kinetic and asymmetric, with all the necessary rules: varied quality of the forces, special equipment, alarm or not of the enemy, off table assets...
You have all of this in the same book, and the system works very well!

Well, the game Manolo prepared for us was about a patrol of US Rangers going to investigate a curious gathering of natives in a corner of old town. Of course, these natives were there to echange weapons for money or drugs...

The game table. The meeting is taking place in the moddle of the compound, where the two native leaders are making business. US Rangers can enter the table via any of the four sides and are not kinetic until they receive fire, see weapons or discover our Big Man, a HVT in himself.

The business. My boys are at the left and bottom of the picture and the Big Man is the one with the red beret (of course!).

More Blackwater contractors than young Rangers, the two US players beging to move their forces into the table.

They began to receive fire immediately so kinetic it became! Of course, the training and firepower of the US Rangers was show in the firts moment of the engagement and they were able to win the firefight previous to their advance into the compound.

Here they come.

And began to clean the compund. In a short number of turns, the Rangers killed our leaders (including the identified Big Man) and most of our fighters, with only a casualty for them.

I took no many pictures of the game because I was immersed in it, enjoying the flow of the rules and the feeling of playing a true modern war scenario. The US Rangers won the day thanks to their better training and weapons, but also thanks to their aggressive tactics. We, poor Freedom Fighters, lost the battle due to the dispersion of our forces, our desire to attack and not wait for them to come and, of course, because we were of poor quality.

Great game, and I am now reading the rules and thinking about a game based in Afghanistan while I beging the painting of some of Spectre Miniatures figures I have ordered.

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